Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ruining the Magic.

My brother was the magician in our family. 
Inspired by David Copperfield television specials, as many of our generation were, it became a hobby for him.  He worked tirelessly on his sleight of hand techniques and became pretty good.
(above:  Halloween of yesteryear, and stupefying guests after our wedding)

Derek knew several, coins, little magic gadgets he'd acquired along the way.
My dad had ONE trick.
He'd rub a quarter into his forearm and make it disappear. 
And, at risk of sounding sadly gullible, I bought into that trick until the brink of my teen years;
A DECADE of believing my Dad had a stash of quarters in his arm.

All you need is one good trick.  I found mine years ago.  It became my go-to jaw-dropper, baffling hundreds of students over the years...the perfect incentive for those rough substitute teaching days.

In an inspired moment following watching "America's Got Talent" with my kids, Chris showed the kids a trick of his own.  Their eyes were bright and filled with wonder!  Mommy took her turn next, bringing my trick to the eager audience.  Perfect execution...mic drop...I'm out.  "Whoa!" the kids shouted!

A little bit of confused chatter took place as they tried to figure out how mommy put a quarter in the back of her head and spit it out her mouth.  And then I heard it...

"Want me to show you how Mommy does it?" Daddy said.
"Yeahhhh!!!"  Excitement ensued.

I shot Daddy a glare across the room that, if I were Elsa, would have frozen the kingdom and CERTAINLY would have stopped him from sharing the secret to my trick.  But lacking those wintery powers, I was helpless as the curtain was pulled back on my prized illusion.  Pretty soon, I had two tiny magicians giving this little trick a whirl.

I could have had them scratching their heads for years to come, but now "they know."  And I'm kinda sad about that.  Like, legitimately disappointed!!  But instead of whining too much about my ONE TRICK being RUINED here, I'm going to use this as a learning/teaching experience.  There is a code of ethics between are 4 simple rules by which to abide (ahem, Chris Stavenger...)

1.  Practice, practice, practice!
2.  One trick per audience (leave them wanting more).
3.  Use a mirror.
4.  Never, EVER TELL!!

So there you have it.  Chris has implored me to "get another trick," but alas, my magic days are over. 


Kristi said...

Derek would be proud of you....and understood your disappointment that the kiddlies now know....

John Garcia said...

Hilarious! Made me think of the game of snaps we busted out!

J.D. Hogan said...

I keep trying to figure out how to resurrect SNAPS but am psychologically conditioned against ever telling anyone how to play. Ever. It's the worst kind of Catch-22.

Natalie Stockton said...

I never figured out that stupid game, I didn't have the patience and finger snapping drives me nuts.

Kami Lucht said...

Well I don't know how the trick works can still Wow me with it!!

J.D. Hogan said...

Dang it, Natalie! That would've been a perfect trick to bust out next time I'm in Maui (September again)

Natalie Stockton said...

Uh, just googled it. I'm not sure I could keep that straight in my head, especially if drinks were involved. Lol

Jamie Stavenger said...

J.D. Hogan, Natalie Stockton just proved the internet SUCKS.

J.D. Hogan said...

If you're playing with the right people, not even the internet can decode a well played game of Snaps.

Angela Trenbeath said...

I read it! And it was great! I want to see the trick!