Saturday, June 21, 2014


I go through phases with television viewing.  For a while I was totally into HGTV and all the Property Brothers brilliance.  Then I had a brief love affair with Fox News.  (It was brief.) After that, I swung over to the Food Network where there was some fantastic things happening, including Food Truck challenges.  If you haven't heard that Food Trucks are a huge, delicious fad right now, you've been living in a hole (or, perhaps, a tiny village in the midwest that doesn't have food trucks...or cable).

>>As a little aside, one of my childhood friends now owns a VERY successful food truck business in southern California.  If you're ever in the Santa Monica or Los Angeles area and have a hankering for gourmet hot dogs, do what the big stars are doing and get on over to Dogtown Dogs!<<

Anyway, one of these food truck shows featured a cuban food truck called "Babaloo."  I'm not sure if this truck is still operating, but it doesn't matter:  I snagged the recipe for their "Lucy! Lucy! Sandwich", and I'm now in LOVE.  This is a delicious summer sandwich, so I'm sharing the awesomeness with you:

 Avocado -Mango Spread:
Diced Mango
Diced Red Onion
Lime Juice
Sea Salt
(Combine these ingredients to taste.  This combo is, incidentally, SO tasty on it's own that you can just fork it in.).

Toast or grill bread of your choice (We use crusty french on a panini press).  Add grilled chicken breast (or grilled turkey breast) and Monterey Jack or Muenster cheese, top with a generous helping of Avocado-Mango spread and some lettuce if you prefer.  Enjoy!

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