Friday, September 12, 2014

The Play-Doh Prodigy

Kendall has had her OWN little obsession lately.
Oh, you heard? 
Well, it surpassed the "hobby" stage a long time ago.  At this point, the Play-Doh company should be personally thanking me.

After watching a few Play-Doh tutorials on YouTube, I noticed Kendall's interest increase dramatically.  Not only did she want to do play-doh ALL THE TIME, but she started mumbling under her breath as she was playing, creating her own "video" as she constructed her creations.  As a mom who isn't opposed to a bit of iPad play (there, I said it), but would like to encourage as much time away from the screen as possible, I've been thrilled she wants to spend so much time playing imaginatively.

As a reward for weeks of good behavior, Kendall chose a new Play-Doh princess set and has been working non-stop on perfecting her princess gowns.
Using her favorite tool, the "extwooder"
My little fashionista...perhaps I have a future costume designer on my hands! 
Lucky mommy...I get served up delicacies like this on a daily basis. 
At some point in all of this madness, Kendall asked if she could make her own video.  I was excited to comply, dusted off the video camera, and pressed "record".  Twelve minutes later, she was done with her first video...and four hours later, I was finished editing it down to five minutes.  In case you missed these gems making the social media rounds, you can find the links below.  I'm sure they'll give you the urge to crack open some fresh cans of soft play-doh and get to work!

P.S. At our pre-school Back-to-School night, Kendall's teacher mentioned that the best thing we can be doing as parents is giving kids play-doh at helps them strengthen fingers and develop fine motor skills.  I'd say we're a step ahead on that front :)


Ann said...

At our house, we don't need to clean up play doh particles because kid #2 thinks they are special tasty treats :) I'll have to show Rylie these videos, she will love them!

Jeannette Steiber said...

I think teachers suggest doing Play-doh at home so they don't have to do it at school and have all those Play-doh crumbs, multiplied by the number of kids in the class, on their floor! Ha ha! I LOVED Kendall'a videos btw!

Rachel said...

OMG!! She is the cutest thing and such a natural with the whole tutorial thing! I feel very well equipped to try my own now :-)

Megan Nicole said...

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